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Temporary Tattoos


Stok 13



Temporary Tattoos

Terbuat dengan bahan yang sangat aman untuk anak2, tidak menimbulkan alergi.

Sangat menyenangkan untuk anak2.
Meningkatkan daya imajinasi anak.
Cocok digunakan untuk pesta / acara acara lainnya.


It is simple, fun, easy to operate, training children’s hand fine movements.

The patterns of the game is introduced: choose to use scissors to cut, gently broke the transparent membrane and pinpoint the location will be patterned after the side stick on, with water to fully wet white paper, after being pattern from, easy to tear to white paper pattern to dry naturally, tattoo stickers, can keep 5 to 7 days or so.

Remove step: pour a small amount of discharge makeup oil or cleanser to the tattoo place, rub evenly, wash with warm water can remove. Green safe environmental ink, water transfer technology, not allergic, not exciting.

Packaging size: 27.3*11.3*5cm.

Design stick & nail stick: suitable for girls and boys.